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We help you understand and connect with your audiences.

The Creative Researcher is an independent cultural research agency driving innovation in audience insights for the cultural and creative industries.


Audience Research

Helping organisations gain insights and make decisions about their digital and onsite audiences.

  • Audience discovery and definition
  • Audience segmentation and profiling
  • Audience motivation and behaviour analysis
  • Digital audience discovery and journey mapping
  • Ongoing audience measurement strategies

Market Strategies

Combining audience insights with wider market research to develop unique go-to-market strategies that help you overcome your challenges and achieve strategic goals.

  • Marketing growth strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Audience growth strategies
  • Digital transformation strategies

    Practice-led Innovation

    Developing legacy and innovation projects and frameworks from inception to delivery so that you have the toolkit to scale up for your next growth phase. 

    • Product and Service Innovation
    • Co-creation, participatory design and workshop facilitation
    • Legacy marketing development
    • MVP (minimal viable product) development
    • Social enterprise incubation
    • Toolkit development


      Demonstrating the impact of your new ideas and programmes for your funders and investors and helping you maximise learning from experiences. 

      • User experience (UX) testing
      • Formative and summative evaluation for onsite experiences and exhibitions to digital products
      • Evaluation framework development
      • White Paper writing