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Understanding your audience is easier than you think. 

The Creative Researcher is a home for anyone who might not consider themselves “researchers”, but who get inspired from listening to their audiences, clients, or customers. It is a place that demystifies the research process, empowering anyone to speak to their audiences, while feeling confident that they are getting the most out of it!

I hope the tools and resources available here inspire you to be a creative researcher too!

Do any of these things sound like you?

  • You think talking to your customers/audience/clients is useful but you don’t know how
  • You are worried about doing research “the right way”. You’re looking for objective results!
  • You like the idea of research but are worried it will slow you down or cost you lots of money


If so…welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

Casey Scott-Songin

Hi, I'm Casey!

I am the founder and writer of the Creative Researcher, a site that empowers people to learn more about their audiences through quantitative and qualitative research. I have over a decade of experience doing consumer, audience, market and user research across multiple national and international brands.

About Me

I have over a decade of experience conducting audience research with a variety of companies, from consumer products to charities to national museums and galleries. I am known for my ability to mix qualitative and quantitative research methods to provide a holistic picture of audience behaviours and motivations as well as a keen understanding of how to highlight actionable insights from a wide variety of data. My favourite thing is helping people feel empowered to speak to their audiences by teaching robust qualitative and quantitative research methods in an easy and friendly way.


My Services

Blog Articles

Learn more about how and why you should learn more from your audiences

Research Toolkits

 Discover useful worksheets and toolkits to get you started on your next project

Online Courses

Get a detailed understanding of how to do research and what kind of research is right for you

Custom Training

Develop a custom training session or series that is tailored for what is most relevant to your needs

Hire Me

You don’t have to do it alone – get help with your next research project from an expert

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