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About Us

The Creative Researcher is co-directed by Casey Scott-Songin and Enke Huang.

The anthropologist duo first worked together on a transformational audience research project to overhaul the British Museum’s digital strategy and online commercial strategy in 2016, from which grew friendship, collaborations and comradeship.

Casey brings a decade of experience in consumer, audience, market and user research across multiple national and international museums and brands. She was the user researcher at the British Museum and the Senior Manager: Data & Insight at the National Gallery (London) and has a deep knowledge of how museums work from the inside. She can talk about all things digital and data for hours, and has her effective way of training and mentoring her team.

Enke is a cross-disciplinary researcher, strategist and consultant who specialises in legacy project development through participatory research, creative programming, and innovation. She sits uniquely at the intersection of business, strategy and creativity, and operating in brand, development, and placemaking.

Why Us?


We combine multi-disciplinary expertise from research, arts & culture and business to empower your organisations with confidence.


    We are our client’s embedded team. We bring clients along the research and development journey.



      We are an independent and agile team of seasoned experts thinking on our feet and driven by innovation.



      We make our methodologies, outputs, and communication as accessible, versatile, and compelling as possible for our clients, participants, and collaborators.

          Critical Friends

          Critical Friends are our precious network of talents, experts, allies, collaborators, and advisors. They play a variety of useful roles for us – asking challenging questions, bridging disciplinary boundaries, evaluating our work…

          We also have an informal community of researchers, designers, analysts, creatives, artists and economists…We are always interested in having conversations with new friends. Send us a message if you would like to join the community!

          Our Clients

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