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We provide custom offerings to help you better understand your audiences

Here at The Creative Researcher, we hope to empower you to feel confident speaking to your audiences by better understanding the research methodologies you could use, hearing tips and tricks from the experts, and helping you work through projects in easy step-by-step guides. 

But you don’t have to do it alone. If you want further guidance or help (or even just someone to talk to!) we provide a variety of custom research services. we are extremely flexible and can provide as much (or as little) guidance, help, or management that you need – from a friendly chat to running a project and speaking to your audiences on your behalf. 

The Creative Researcher

Types of projects we can help with

exploratory research

Exploratory Research

New products or services often begin out of a need to solve a problem. Sometimes the solution is clear – sometimes it needs a little refinement. Exploratory research can be many things – it can be testing the waters to see if a product or service might solve a problem with potential audiences; it can be understanding what is happening in the market and who your competitors might be; it might be testing prototypes in order to iterate and develop future products. Whatever your question might be, chances are research can help provide some answers (or at least raise more questions!). Depending on the question, exploratory research could require a variety of different research methods. I am happy to help you define your questions, decide on the methodologies, conduct research, analyse data, present findings, and/or run ideation workshops. 

journey mapping

Journey Mapping

Nowadays, we have to manage a lot of different things – from websites to social media to onsite experiences. Each one may be the only place a potential customer sees your brand, or it may be part of a larger picture of your brand that they see. Understanding how all of your digital and physical touchpoints work together is critical to understanding what your audience experiences when interacting with you or your brand. Journey mapping helps you understand what is working well, and what are the potential painpoints your customers are experiencing with your brand. I have extensive experience with journey mapping and can help you optimise your journey too!

Usability testing

Understanding how your website is performing is critical to maximising conversion rates – there’s no reason why users should be frustrated by a website! Especially if that means a missed sale. Making sure your information is in the place your users are going to look for it will result in users leaving with a good feeling of you or your brand. I have performed usability testing on large and small brands alike – from Target to the British Museum, and I’d be happy to help you optimise your website too.


Are you planning on starting a new project but aren’t sure how well it’s going to go with your audiences? Maybe you’re hoping to learn more to inform future iterations of your product. If you want to make sure your audience research is as insightful and actionable as possible, I’d be happy to help. I have extensive experience evaluating projects and products, from understanding how well an email campaign is doing to evaluating the performance of an exhibition at national museums and galleries.

defining target audiences

Often, when genius strikes, we come up with the perfect solution for a new product, service or brand. We may have an idea of who might be interested in our product, and that’s great! But many people run with their idea, assuming they know their audience, only to find out that there is no one waiting for them at the finish line. Defining who your target audience actually is through speaking to and understanding your audiences is critical to avoiding investing in a new product or service that no one will buy. I can help you discover, explore and define your target audiences so you can confidently move forward, knowing you’ll have an attentive audience at the end.

ideation workshops

Sometimes you have all the research and information you might need, but it can be difficult turning a mountain of data into key actionable insights that you can easily use or share. Many people believe that a research project ends with a final report, but that can be a perfect recipe for a research report to gather dust in a forgotten folder. It is important to think about how to effectively integrate your research findings into your everyday practice. I have a decade of experience helping a variety of clients use their research to take action – making their products and brands more relevant and audience driven.

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